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November 20, 201676 min
Welcome to what Obama, Merkel and establishment politicians call "fake news." This not-so-new form of propaganda is plaguing the world, causing the destruction of democracy world wide. That's basically what Obama said in a press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel. We've been telling you about the fake news for a long time on the Voice to America program and today, we'll dive in head first (again) in the battle against the "new" problem of fake news.
Then we're traveling around the globe, getting world perspective on the president elect. World leaders are calling in to congratulate Trump on his victory, saying they can't wait to work with him. Is this just business as usual, or were they bashing Trump from the beginning in case the establishment won? We'll speak to Egyptian and Israeli voices about what their leaders and people think about the president elect and any hopes they have for future relations with the US.

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