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October 2, 201679 min
While the battle for Aleppo rages, the US is touting ANOTHER ceasefire attempt. Are these ceasefires respected or are they just another way for the United States government to feel good about itself?
The latest push to rout-out Syrian rebels from Aleppo is proving to be the bloodiest the conflict has ever been. We speak to Syrian voice Radwan about the escalation in the region and get his perspective on whether or not this battle can be won.
Then we head into Egypt and discuss the ramifications of congress overriding a presidential veto on the 9/11 bill. By allowing victims to sue Saudi Arabia, does this open the US and other countries up to lawsuits by foreign plaintiffs?
Tune in for global reaction from Monday’s debate between Clinton and Trump. What did the world see during the debate and how did it affect each candidate’s image around the World?

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