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October 30, 201678 min
Obama says US-backed forces will attempt to do in Raqqa, Syria what they’ve been doing in Mosul. Is this same tactic going to work inside Syria? We speak to our Syrian voice about the president’s plan and find out if it’s possible to muster up fighters for the proposed battle.
Then we analyze NATO partner Turkey’s desire to challenge the US in Iraq and Syria. We ask our Turkish voice Oguz if the support of Turkey necessary for a victory against ISIS? What does Erdogan’s Turkey hope to achieve by butting heads with the US in the region?
The latest October Surprise has captured the attention of the global media-consuming public. We’ll hear from foreign voices and find out what they think about the re-opening of Hillary’s email case.
Finally, have you ever wondered what kind of bias foreign news outlets propagates? In our Foreign Media Spotlight, we’ll look at the different media biases throughout the world.

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