Wellthy Living
Hi! I'm Lisa Entwisle, a 40 something year old passionate woman, a mother of two beautiful humans, living in Melbourne, Australia and trying to make a difference in the world. I want to live on a planet where people have a strong sense of self , make self-loving choices and in turn share their best version with the world, spreading more compassion, kindess and joy. My mantra is "connection is medicine" : connection to self, others and nature. It is only when we practice acceptance, gratitude, clear communication and humility can we truly live a wellthy life.
Embracing your ego

September 12, 201855 min

55 min
The business of giving back

August 29, 201871 min

71 min
Why Mindfulnesses is not just a buzz

August 1, 201865 min

65 min
Occupy your body: One womans cancer diagnosis and her journey to thriving

July 18, 201869 min

69 min
Ways to eat for optimal energy and performance

July 4, 201854 min

54 min
Fatigue Prevention

June 20, 201859 min

59 min
Reclaiming hope, heart & healing

June 6, 201864 min

64 min
Transforming the culture of healthcare

May 16, 201856 min

56 min
Waking up wellness

May 9, 201863 min

63 min
Waking up to wellness

May 9, 20185 min

5 min