What's Cookin' on Wine with Michael Horn


February 3, 201652 min
KAREN HUNT – PARNER, HUNT MCKAY – NEWEST PROJECT, KADIEM CELLARS Three friends, a passion for wine and a love of working and creating together fueled the ultimate development and launch of KaDieM Cellars. As with most passionate and creative endeavors, KaDieM has been a project requiring ultimate patience, perseverance, dedicated commitment, continual learning and overwhelmingly satisfying results. It takes almost four years to develop a Napa Valley Cabernet from grapes in the vineyard to wine ready to sell.  After finding the right vineyard for our grapes, in addition to numerous lunches, dinners and cups of coffee, we work together on both the actual making of the wine and the operational fundamentals that go into running a business:  Of primary importance is managing our growing customer list.  We spend hours designing, choosing and ordering all the packaging elements for each vintage.  We walk the vineyards, harvest the grapes, purchase and check all the barrels.  In the background we update and renew all the required permits and licenses, maintain our website and pack and ship orders. The milestones of accomplishment and progress are compelling.  KaDieM Cellars continues to be a labor of passion fueled by friendship, lots of hard work and ultimately a product that we are all so proud to be able to share with you. We launched our brand as KaDieM, the phonetic spelling of our initials pronounced KDM. Our logo, three wine glasses entwined, is a symbol of our friendship, the celebration of our families and a toast to our passionate endeavor to create remarkable wines from the Napa Valley. After two highly rated and sold out vintages, we gained some unwanted attention from a very large, low end wine producer on the East Coast threatened by our success.   With the foundation of our partnership focused on friendship, family and brilliant winemaking, the choice to change our brand KaDieM or face years fighting of litigation and expense was an easy one for us to make. With our 2011 vintage, we are so excited to launch Hunt McKay, the combination of Karen and Danna's last names, Hunt McKay is the same great wine, made by our partner and winemaker Michael Trujillo from the same Morisoli Vineyard Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon grapes under the exact standards upon which KaDieM Cellars was founded. You'll find the label, 3 entwined wine glasses and of course the wine to be exactly what you experienced under the 2009 and 2010 KaDieM label. Our Vineyard Hunt McKay Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% Cabernet from the Morisoli Vineyards in the Rutherford Bench appellation of Napa Valley.  Family owned and managed for over 100 years, this 53 acre vineyard consistently produces fruit exhibiting ‘Rutherford Dust’ characteristics. This ‘Dust’ is the terroir or soil of the Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley, and has come to reflect an enduring commitment to quality and ecologic harmony.  Wines from this central area of the Napa Valley are recognized worldwide as some of the finest wines ever made in California. ABOUT KAREN At the age of 6, Karen Hunt discovered her selling passion with her lunch money, a few Tootsie Roll Pops and willing customers in her classmates from elementary school. Karen wanted a pair of red lace up Buster Brown shoes to better fit in with her first grade classmates, but felt badly asking her Dad for new shoes when she saw that he had a hole in the sole of his shoe where he put a dry piece of cardboard every morning.  So she used her $0.25 lunch money to buy 12 Tootsie Pops, each costing 2 cents plus 1 cent for tax. She sold them to her classmates for a nickel.  The next day, she took the $0.60 from the previous day’s sales plus her $0.25 lunch money and bought more Tootsie Pops, again buying them for 2 cents and selling them for a nickel.  She continued this with her lunch money and her profits, day after day. Within days she had  worked her way into taking ord


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