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12/23-Michael Horn and Nicole Nielsen visit with April Dewinters and Elliot Dolin

December 24, 201352 min
April Dewinters - Somerdale Cheese Somerdale International was founded in 1990 by business partners, Stephen Jones and Ernie Waldron. Since then the company has grown and we now export to over 50 countries around the World, supplying over 250 cheeses. For over twenty years, both Ernie and Stephen have searched the British countryside to bring you the very best of British Cheese.Long Clawson Blue Stilton  - The King of English Cheese, World Famous and PDO protected. This cheese is handmade and aged for 8 weeks. Its blue veins radiate outward from a natural, crinkly brown crust. Stilton can be made in only the three shires of Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby and nowhere else in the world.  Notes: Excellent in salads or melted on top of steak.  / Wine Pairing Shiraz or MerlotWestminster London Truckle  - A black waxed English cheddar. Aged for 1 year, creamy in flavor  and is made from the milk of grass fed cows who graze the English countryside. London Truckle has a sharp flavor with nutty undertones, a great center piece  to your cheese board.   Notes: London Truckle Serve at Parties with Cured Meats or Apple SlicesSomerdale Wensleydale w/ Cranberry  - The perfect match between fruit and cheese.  Wensleydale is a fresh mild cow’s milk cheese from England. Taking Wensleydale Cheese and adding Cranberries creates a beautiful combination, fresh sweet cheese with tasty Blueberries or Cranberries. Perfect after dinner desert or a great salad topping.     Notes: Wensleydale Cranberry is a great after dinner desert cheese that pairs well with White Zinfandel or ChardonnaySomerdale Red Dragon  - The Red Dragon is the symbol on the flag of Wales and this Welsh cheddar is combined with Whole Grain mustard seed and Welsh Ale. This is the  perfect addition to any burger or “Dragon Dog” a hotdog covered in melted Red Dragon Cheddar. Elliot Dolin - Proprietor, Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards**Elliot is a former musician who’s played with legends like Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, and the Everly Brothers.**Inspired by a backyard Chardonnay vineyard Elliott and Lynn Dolin planted behind their Malibu home in 2006, Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards has quickly emerged as one of the leading producers in the burgeoning Malibu Coast, a region poised to attain AVA in early 2014. Following the release of just three vintages of Chardonnay ($39), the winery already has plans to expand its Malibu production to include several more wines from the region, and it will further broaden its scope by the middle of 2014 with the release of a new line of Central Coast Pinot Noir wines from such highly regarded vineyards as Talley ‘Rincon,’ Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills.BIOGRAPHY: There’s an ethereal halo of positivity surrounding Elliott Dolin that immediately sets one at ease. It’s clear that this energy has fueled much of his journey through life and spurred a silent accord with destiny. He works hard and stays true to himself and, in return, fate has guided him through the successful pursuit of his passions. Elliott often says, “Action breeds action,” a celestial phrase that is evident in the various aspects of his life.Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Northern New Jersey, Elliott spent much of his childhood in and around metropolitan Manhattan. By the age of 13, Elliott had developed a passion for the music of The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and like many of his peers, he dreamed of playing in a band. Recognizing the cultural “it” status of the guitar, he “picked up” the electric bass guitar to round out the lineup in a fledgling local band. His weekly excursions to work in Manhattan provided the opportunity to make regular pilgrimages to window shop for the latest Fender bass guitars and amps at the array of music stores that lined West 48th St., fueling his desire to save up and purcha

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