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September 13, 201652 min
LYNN QUINTANILLA – DISTRICT SALES MANAGER FOR BEST CHEESE CORPORATION Located in New York’s Westchester county, Best Cheese Corporation is the exclusive importer of Uniekaas® Specialty Dutch Cheeses in the United States and Canada since 1995. Uniekaas was founded in the mid 1950’s, when a small humble cooperative of cheese makers joined forces to share their knowledge and resources. This joint effort produced the leader in the Dutch cheese market, specializing in unique Gouda styles made from cow, goat or sheep milk. With Uniekaas, the integrity of the Dutch Cheese making process and traditions are preserved for future generations to enjoy. Best Cheese is the owner and operator of the independently-run Coach Farm®, a farmstead goat dairy and creamery in Pine Plains, NY. You can find our products in select Whole Foods and Safeway stores, as well as many other regional grocery retailers and specialty cheese shops. VALUES At Best Cheese Corporation, we strive to bring only the finest quality cheeses to your table. In order to do this, our company’s heart beats around these three key values 24 hours of every day. We are dedicated to always having the: BESTPEOPLE We take pride in having exceptional staff here to work for you. Being qualified, dedicated, and passionate about cheese is what drives our company forward. BESTSERVICE Providing exceptional customer service is of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to cultivating and nurturing a winning network of consumers and suppliers because together we can offer much more than quality cheeses. BESTCHEESE Quality starts at the source. All cheeses sold by our company are made with fresh Grade A milk, free from antibiotics and hormones. We promise to not only demand the best products from producers but to also seek new innovative flavors satisfying to palates everywhere. BRANDS UNIEKAAS Directly translated to English, Uniekaas means “one cheese” and that’s exactly what the company stands for. In the early 1900’s, the Dutch cheese market comprised of small independent cheese producers handling all aspects of cheese production. It wasn’t until the mid 1950’s that a small cooperative of cheese makers came together to share their knowledge and resources to create what is known today as Uniekaas. This formation helped to build one of the leaders in the Dutch cheese market which focused on exploring new ways to create Gouda cheeses without ever losing the importance of Dutch cheese making traditions. Today, Uniekaas is known for bringing unique styles of specialty Dutch cheese to markets across the world. From its flagship brand Parrano®, to unique gouda styles made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. Uniekaas is a leader of Dutch cheese steeped in decades of tradition and exploration. COACH FARMS Faithful to the traditional methods of the French farmstead cheesemaker, we at Coach Farm are turning out authentic, artisanal goat cheeses that were once found only in the remote villages of France. Our farm is located in a small Hudson Valley village, just two hours outside of new York City. We have over 900 French Alpine dairy goats, born and raised on our farm. The small, white-tiled creamery where we make our cheeses connects directly to the milking parlor, ensuring only the freshest cheeses! PARRANO Parrano® is an unforgettable cheese made from an authentic Italian recipe. It incorporates the alluring, nutty, and fine-aged flavor profile of Parmesan with the pliant, versatile texture of a young Dutch Gouda, making it easier to slice, shred or melt. Parrano is perfect as a snack, on its own, or added to any of your favorite recipes. BESTCHEESEUSA.COM AMY LEE – OWNER, ROCKY POINT CELLARS ROCKY POINT CELLARS, WILLAMETTE VALLEY PINOT NOIR The boutique wines of the Willamette Valley continue to grow in reputation due to the passion of the people of the region and the unique terroir we are blessed to work with.  We specialize in single vineyard designated wines that we believe best express this p


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