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February 6, 201752 min
EVA BERTRAN VICE PRESIDENT MARKETING, GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VINEYARDS - GLASSWARE EXPLORATION  GLORIA FERRER WINERY RELEASES SIGNATURE SPARKLING WINE FLUTE DESIGNED BY CO-FOUNDER GLORIA FERRER Owner of the world’s largest private stemware collection now offering her own collectible stem Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, producer of California’s most awarded sparkling wines, is pleased to announce that Co-Founder Gloria Ferrer has created a signature, collectible sparkling wine glass called Gloria’s Flute now available for purchase for $40 at the winery or through the website at gloriaferrer.com. In honor of the winery’s 30th anniversary in 2016, Mrs. Gloria Ferrer commissioned her first-ever collectible wine flute. With inspiration from some of her favorite pieces in the glassware collection, she collaborated on the design with renowned Sonoma artist Alex Leader, working alongside him every step of the way to ensure that the finished product was exactly what she envisioned. This original signed, studio edition, blown-glass Artist Series sold out last fall almost immediately to collectors at the price of $95 each. In order to bring this design to the tables of wine lovers everywhere, the team at Gloria Ferrer continued to evolve the project by working with renowned Lehmann Glass of Champagne, France to reproduce Mrs. Ferrer’s coveted custom stemware piece. Gloria’s Flute is a perfect blend of antique and modern. This elegant expression offers a long, delicate flute neck designed with a luxuriant hand-feel and lavish bubble delivery, and a wider coupe-inspired-bowl that exalts the aromatics of the wine.  It is a perfect start for someone desiring to start a wine stemware collection of their own or for those wanting a complete set. Mrs. Gloria Ferrer’s love affair with collectible stemware began on Venice’s Piazza San Marco in 1956. She had just embarked upon a new life in the wine industry and her uncle, with remarkable prescience, suggested she begin a glass collection. Inspired to act, her father rose from the table and returned later with an exquisite red Murano crystal glass with a gold dauphine in the stem. Her lifelong treasure hunt has found her in antique showrooms and dusty curio shops in rarified destinations, rummaging through countless odds and ends to find forgotten jewels. Her collection now numbers more than 2000 pieces, and is believed to be the largest private collection in the world. Now, she adds her own personal design to her assemblage.  Over 100 pieces in her collection, including her very favorite sparkling wine glass, are on display at the winery in Sonoma for public viewing.  This video captures Gloria highlighting some of her favorite glasses in vivid sentiment and detail. GLASSWARE EXPLORATION AT GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VINEYARDS: Inspired by the winery’s co-founder, Gloria Ferrer, and her custom sparkling wine flute, the winery has introduced a new elevated experience for guests at the winery called “Glassware Exploration.”  Each curve in a piece of stemware is designed to deliver flavors to the optimal part of your palate.  This special experience leads guests through a blind tasting of sparkling and still wines in assorted stemware to learn how each glass can enhance the profiles in wine and help you to determine how to choose the right stemware for your palate so that you get the most out of your favorite wines, every time.  Reservations for the “Glassware Exploration” are available at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. or 2 p.m. daily and should be made up to 72 hours in advance due to its popularity.  The cost is $45 per person.  Gloria Ferrer Club Members receive a twenty percent discount.  ABOUT GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VINEYARDS: A pioneering history and approach to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have made Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards a leader in California sparkling wine for almost 30 years.  Founded in 1986 in Sonoma, California, by the Ferrer


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