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February 14, 201752 min
SALLY JAMES -  AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, CHEF AND RADIO HOST - TALKS OYSTERS AND ROMANCE IN LOVE WITH OYSTERS Alluring Recipes and Tips for Valentine’s Day featuring Sequim Bay Oysters Valentine’s Day approaches, and there’s probably no better known food for love than succulent oysters. Not only renowned as an aphrodisiac, these divine mollusks are just plain sexy - their succulent texture, briny flavor and even the way we enjoy them. Jamestown Seafood celebrates the day with three romance-inducing recipes for you to prepare lovingly at home, and also some tips from local chefs on how they’ll be serving the delicious Sequim Bay Jades and Blue Opal Oysters. Oysters have always been linked with love. When Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and promptly gave birth to Eros, the wordaphrodisiac was born. The 18 th Century lover Casanova also used to start a meal eating 50 oysters. Scientists have worked for years to find the reason. Is it the zinc, the amino acids that trigger sex hormones, or just their silky sumptuous texture? Sequim Bay Oysters are the new kid on the block, farmed sustainably in pristine waters just before the entrance to Puget Sound. And unlike many farmed seafood, farmed oysters contribute to the environment as well as your health. Chef Josh Baar of Kokopelli Grill in Port Angeles is particularly fond of the Blue Opals which are tumble- farmed. “I love the smaller Blue Opals particularly, their delicate and sweet flavor has such a clean and brilliant brininess, tasting of the fresh ocean”, he beams. His favorite way to serve them is with a lime granita which they make in house using juice, zest, and a splash of vodka to brighten, finished with a scattering of cilantro and jalapeno (jalapenos are also considered an aphrodisiac). For more romantic occasions like Valentine’s, he loves a classic French style service, with Gruyere, shallots, cream and panko, gently melted over the oyster in the shell in the oven until golden and silky and slightly crisped at the edges. He arranges the oysters on salt dotted with cloves and juniper berries before baking, the aromas permeating the room with an exotic aura to heighten the occasion, (not to mention the creamy sauce). For his shooters he keeps it simple, combining vodka with some cocktail sauce. In Seattle at Blueacre Seafood, Orfeo and Steelhead Diner, Chef Kevin Davis goes to town with Sequim Bay Oysters for Valentine’s. His most popular is served raw with a black truffle mignonette granita. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find smoky rich flavors in his oysters roasted over the coals with toasted anise, garlic butter, parsley and apple smoked bacon, or Asian-influenced light, fresh and exotic: oysters & sea urchin Crudo with green papaya salad, pickled daikon and whirred ginger vinaigrette. And that’s just starters. If your mood is to take your loved ones out for Valentine’s, you’ll also find Sequim Bay Oysters at the following restaurants: Elliot’s Oyster House in Seattle; Next Door Gastro Pub in Port Angeles; and Dockside Grill in Sequim. But if the idea of a romantic candle lit home dinner tickles your fancy, you can purchase the Sequim Bay Oysters from Sunny Farms Country Store in Sequim, and create your own Feast of Love. Owner Kurt Grinnell’s parents love the Blue Opals, steaming them just until open. As Terri Grinnell says, “Perfect for Valentine’s – Oysters lightly tanned and in the Nude”. Following are some sample dishes from Jamestown Seafood for your enjoyment. Oyster Bellini Shooters with Peach Puree, Sweet Chili, Rum and Champagne Creamy Oyster Bisque Oysters with Ginger, Lime, and Lemongrass Mignonette ABOUT JAMESTOWN SEAFOOD Jamestown Seafood’s oyster farm is nestled in the pristine waters of Sequim Bay (pronounced “skwim”) along the Strait of Juan de Fuca and just before the entrance to the Puget Sound. Recognizing this watershed as distinctly different from the majority of oyster beds further


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