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March 3, 201652 min
RESTAURANT/BAR CONSULTANT, AUTHOR AND TV PERSONALITY JON TAFFER DISCUSSES THE HIGHLY RATED TV SHOW "BAR RESCUE" "BAR RESCUE" RETURNS WITH ITS 100TH EPISODE ON SUNDAY, MARCH 6TH ON SPIKE TV Restaurant-bar consultant, author and TV personality Jon Taffer talks about the return of the highly rated TV show "Bar Rescue"  on March 6 at 10/9c on Spike TV. A native New Yorker with an amusing approach, Taffer turns failing pubs into popular hot spots by firmly changing everything--food, drinks, music, employee and customer relations and often with  push-back from the owners, managers and employees. Most recent cities where bars were rescued include Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Tampa, Phoenix, L.A., N.Y., Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Reno, Portland and San Diego. A Nightclub Hall of Fame inductee, Taffer started in Chicago and has worked with more than 800 bars nationwide since the late 70s.  Yet, it's still challenging work, given 1 in 4 pubs close or change owners within the first year and after three years, a staggering 3 in 5 will shutter. JONTAFFER.COM WWW.SPIKE.COM/SHOWS/BAR-RESCUE LIFESTYLE EXPERT RAINA SEITEL - "SPRING RENEWAL" EASY TIPS ON FEELING YOUR BEST AND GETTING READY FOR SPRING- NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE! One thing all Moms have in common? They want the absolute best for their families- but let’s not forget about taking care of themselves! They may not wear a mask or cape-but they are real life superheros! From responsibilities outside the home to cooking meals and cleaning rooms to refereeing squabbles and soccer-practice chauffeuring- we know you do it all! This past winter was TOUGH; with one of the strongest El Ninos in the past 18 years, resulting in drastic daily temperature changes & harsh winter storms (rain, sleet & snow!). We’re all DONE with winter and ready to take on spring no matter how busy we are! With Lifestyle Experts Raina Seitel’s tips, tools and her spring checklist, busy moms everywhere can be geared up and ready for the beautiful spring ahead! Lifestyle Expert Raina Seitel is a journalist, host and mother currently starring in Style Network’s City Girl Diaries. Raina Seitel is a correspondent for WNBC and a variety of media outlets. Raina Seitel is a lifestyle expert with a concentration on entertainment, fashion, beauty, dining, fitness, motherhood and travel. Raina is often found on a red carpet interviewing the hottest celebrities on the East Coast and West Coast. Raina Seitel has interviewed Madonna, Meryl Streep, Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Christie Brinkley, Dolly Parton, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Hugh Jackman, Clive Davis, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt and Rudy Giuliani. Raina Seitel is an Emmy Award winner. WWW.PEANUTBUTTER.COM  WWW.NASACORT.COM


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