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April 20, 201652 min
LARRY LIPSON – AFFORDABLE WINE REPORT For fifty years Larry Lipson was the food critic for the Los Angeles Daily News and now reports from Florida weekly with his thoughts and favorite picks for Food & Wine.  His lovely Wife Lillian is also on hand at the Lipson Institute for advanced wine studies. DANIEL MORGAN - FOUNDER, MORGAN BAILEY PREMIUM COFFEE AND TEA COMPANY ABOUT MORGAN BAILEY PREMIUM COFFEE AND TEA COMPANY, INC. Morgan Bailey Coffee, Inc. is the premier African specialty coffee and tea company in the United States. The company was founded in 2010 Los Angeles, Calif. by Daniel Morgan.  Morgan Bailey Coffee is committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality Arabica coffee in the world.  The company’s roast profiles allow customers to experience the very best “Berry Essence” of the coffee bean creating a richer, bolder, smoother, and cleaner cup of coffee. MBC offers coffees and teas in multiple forms adhering to strict high-quality and taste standards, and controlling product quality through its unique direct store delivery selling and merchandising system. MBC is committed to working with organizations and communities who are concerned about environmental and social responsibility.  By supporting programs that protect land use, assist farmers, and promote sustainable coffee-growing practices.  For more information about Morgan Bailey Coffee, Inc., visit www.morganbaileycoffee.com. CARBON FOOTPRINT Green Roasting Technology Our goal is to offer our customers roasts that are consistent and express the best qualities of coffee. Beyond, and second only to that, we concentrate on producing the best quality and also focus on reducing air pollution and preserving natural gas supplies in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The Roast system we utilize is a unique and ultra-efficient recirculation system. It addresses many shortcomings of current roasting technology.  With only 25 in the world, these roasters are the only to utilize this system, focusing on the roast quality and overall efficiency while eliminating smoke emissions. The design and fabrication enhances day-to-day operation and long-term performance while being environmentally responsible. Based upon data research collected over a six-month period, in which the roaster was compared alongside a conventional drum roaster with afterburner, results showed a reduction of 80% in natural gas consumption.  Also discovered was a reduction in CO2 emissions by 280,000 pounds.  We are a company cutting the edge in roasting technology.  Our secret roast profiles bring a much brighter, more consistent, and cleaner cup to our customers when compared to our competitors. ABOUT DANIEL MORGAN: NOLA native Daniel Morgan grew up no stranger to bold flavor. As a young child, in a tiny home in New Orleans, Morgan’s great grandmother used to put a spoon of coffee in his milk. His young palette was being tuned early to fine flavor. It was her love that motivated him to start the Morgan Bailey Premium Coffee and Tea Company. A balanced and talented artist and entrepreneur, Morgan grew up with four generations of family under one small roof and a ton of love. He began plucking melodies out on the piano at the age of 5, then writing and singing at the tender age of 7. The church allowed him to further develop his skills by directing the youth choir. By age 18 he moved to Japan and took the industry by storm. Morgan’s performances are richly layered with vocals. He has an incredible 5 octave range and delivers a powerful performance, clean and bold, but rich and weathered at the same time. Morgan’s talent has taken him around the world-traveling domestically and internationally with Major American, Asian and European artists to great and beautiful countries, bit he never forgot the dreams he had as a boy. Never far from his vow to his great grandmother, in 2006 Morgan started taking classes for artistry roastin


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