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May 3, 201652 min
MARLENE KOCH QVC GUEST STAR AND BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF EAT WHAT YOU LOVE QUICK & EASY: GREAT RECIPES LOW IN SUGAR, FAT, AND CALORIES Join QVC Guest Star and Bestselling Author, MARLENE KOCH As She Presents Favorite Recipes Shaved of Sugar, Fat and Calories from, EAT WHAT YOU LOVE QUICK & EASY  Plus, Restaurant Makeovers of Favorite Dishes like Pumpkin Spice Latte! Wildly popular QVC guest star and bestselling author, Marlene Koch, is back with more delicious and guilt-free recipes in her new cookbook, EAT WHAT YOU LOVE QUICK & EASY: GREAT RECIPES LOW IN SUGAR, FAT, AND CALORIES. After her previous books in the Eat What You Love series sold more than 700,000 copies, Marlene is determined to continue helping readers lose weight, manage their diabetes, feed their family better, and feel great – without sacrificing taste. Thanks to Marlene’s remarkable ability to shave the sugar, fat, and calories from your favorite recipes, you no longer have to suffer in order to maintain a healthy weight and diet. Better yet, these recipes are in accordance with the new 2016 dietary guidelines, which call for a major decrease in sugar and saturated fat consumption. With the simple substitution of a few ingredients, Marlene shows readers how easy it is to whip up healthy alternatives to dishes like Mac & Cheese and Teriyaki Fried Chicken. Marlene Koch is the award-winning author of numerous cookbooks including Eat What You Love and the New York Times bestseller, Eat More of What You Love. A regular guest on QVC, Marlene is a registered dietician and culinary expert known for her extraordinary ability to deliver good health, with great taste! Marlene and her recipes have been featured in Cooking Light, Woman’s World, Men’s Fitness, and Diabetes Health magazines, as well as on Today and the Food Network. At home you’ll find Marlene cooking and baking for her big food-loving family. MARLENEKOCH.COM BESS YOUNT, HEAD OF FACEBOOK'S SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TEAM - EXPLAINS THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK AN INSIDE LOOK AT WHAT THE WORLD’S #1 SOCIAL MEDIA SITE IS   DOING TO HELP SMALL BUSINESSES GROW JUST IN TIME FOR NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK… LEARN WHY FACEBOOK IS DOUBLING DOWN ON ITS COMMITMENT  TO DRIVING SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS Learn Best Practices for Growing Your Business from  Facebook’s Head of SMB Community Engagement In honor of National Small Business Week, Facebook is demonstrating its commitment to empowering small businesses and helping them achieve success. On May 3rd, you can talk with Facebook’s head of small business community engagement, one of the top social media experts in the nation.  She cover a number of timely topics, such as: Facebook’s Involvement in National Small Business Week, including a newly minted technology coalition with other major technology companies; what Instagram is doing to engage the small business community; and the upcoming Facebook events where small businesses can meet with Facebook experts one-on-one: Facebook and Instagram’s Ongoing Commitment to Small Businesses, including the  Boost Your Business event series which connects businesses with community leaders, small business experts and like-minded businesses. Find out how your listeners can learn more about the community and online resources they need to grow their business. You will be speaking with Bess Yount, Head of Facebook's SMB Community Engagement team.  Bess is responsible for growing awareness of just how social media can help small businesses reach their goals. In fact, Bess has traveled the country on behalf of Facebook to engage with small business owners and help them learn about ways to grow their respective businesses. Whether your listeners are just starting a business or ready to take the next step, they’ll be fascinated to hear from one of the top social media business experts in the nation. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BLUEPRINT WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BUSIN


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