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October 6, 201652 min
DR. PATRICIA A. DORN - PREVENTING, DIAGNOSING AND TREATING HEARING LOSS FOR OUR VETERANS THROUGH VA RESEARCH Hearing loss affects more than 28 million Americans, including more than half of those over age 75. When combined with tinnitus, which is a ringing, buzzing, or other type of noise that originates in the head, hearing issues are the most frequently found service-connected disability among American Veterans. Some hearing loss can be reversed through surgery or medication. In other cases, hearing loss is permanent, but can be reduced through the use of hearing aids. Though almost all people with hearing loss could be helped by hearing aids, only about one in five uses them. In addition, some Veterans score normally on hearing tests but have difficulty understanding speech. This condition, called central auditory processing disorder, is often associated with blast exposure. VA researchers, engineers, and clinicians are studying ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing loss. They are also addressing a wide range of technological, medical, rehabilitative, and social issues associated with tinnitus and blast exposure. VA supports designated research programs, the RR&D National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) in Portland, Ore., and the Auditory and Vestibular Dysfunction program in Mountain Home, TN. In these programs, researchers focus their attention exclusively on hearing loss and associated conditions. WWW.RESEARCH.VA.GOV  KATIE WORKMAN - MOM’S GUIDE TO MEALTIME - FAMILY MEALTIME IDEAS THAT ARE ANYTHING BUT BORING! Keeping everyone fed and healthy is a big responsibility, and one that moms take quite seriously.  However many moms feel like mealtime is an obstacle course - it starts in the kitchen, where the majority said they feel like short-order cooks, making different versions of the meals for different family members.   Cook, author, mom and enthusiastic advocate for family meals KATIE WORKMAN will share her quick and easy tips for making mealtime fun, simple and anything BUT boring! ABOUT KATIE: KATIE WORKMAN is the author of Dinner Solved! and The Mom 100 Cookbook. She is also the founding editor in chief of Cookstr.com; a regular contributor to NPR; columnist for the Associated Press and Eating Well magazine, and a food writer whose articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Everyday with Rachael Ray, New York magazine, The Daily Beast, AARP.com, and many others. She also posts regularly on her blog, themom100.com. She sits on the board of City Harvest, New York’s leading food rescue nonprofit, and lives with her husband and two children in New York City. WWW.BARBARAS.COM  WWW.DAIYAFOODS.COM  WWW.IDAHOAN.COM  REBECCA PEARSON - MOBIL 1 BRAND BECOMES OFFICIAL MOTOR OIL OF THE NBA, WNBA & NBA DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE On October 5th, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and ExxonMobil will announce that they have come together in historic fashion.  The world’s premier basketball company and one of the globe’s biggest motor oil corporations have signed a multiyear partnership  which makes ExxonMobil an official marketing partner of the NBA, WNBA, and the NBA Development League in the United States and China. In addition, ExxonMobil has secured the rights to activate Mobil-branded fuels and lubricant products as the official motor fuel and official lubricant of the league in both the United States and China. The partnership will tip off during the NBA Global Games China during which ExxonMobil will serve as an associate partner and conduct programs around the preseason games in Shanghai on Oct. 9 and Beijing on Oct. 12.  The new NBA relationship adds to ExxonMobil’s growing international sports and sporting event partnerships. Rebecca Pearson, Americas Lubricants Marketing Manager, will tell you more about this new partnership, which is the largest ever in the motor oil category in the basketball league’s seventy-year history.  Rebecc


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