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November 12, 201552 min
CELEBRITY CHEF LETICIA SCHWARTZ TALKS TYPE 2 DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Traditions are just that… traditions.  And it is hard to change them.  But why not just alter them slightly so you can enjoy your holiday and not sacrifice taste or your health. Hispanics in particular are very tied to traditional holiday meals. But did you know that Hispanics are at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes?  U.S. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes as non-Hispanic whites, and diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death within the Hispanic community. To help raise awareness among the Hispanic community about type 2 diabetes, celebrity chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is working with Merck on Desafiando La Diabetes: Logra Tus Metas, a program urging Hispanics with type 2 diabetes to know their A1C—average blood sugar level over the past 2 to 3 months—and to work with their doctor to develop a plan to set and attain their personal A1C goal. One of the more difficult aspects of diabetes management can be adjusting your diet, especially during the holidays! As part of the program, Chef Leticia is sharing simple ways people with type 2 diabetes can to prepare healthy, traditional Hispanic or other dishes without sacrificing the flavor. Visit WWW.DESAFIANDOLADIABETES.COM for more information on Chef Leticia and Desafiando La Diabetes: Logras Tus Metas. BILL MARTIN - ONE-HOUR TV COMEDY SPECIAL ON CMT “COWBOY BILL MARTIN: LET THE LAUGHTER ROLL” SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST AT 12:30AM EST/ 9:30PM PST Comedian “Cowboy Bill” Martin has traveled the world doing his own brand of original stand-up comedy where he talks about love, the frailty of life and the magnitude of being a modern man. Sure he wears cowboy garb on stage and he speaks with a Texas accent but his comedy touches people of all cultures.   Martin has toured over the years with George Strait, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, George Jones and the famed Blue Collar Tour. He's also had the privilege of entertaining our soldiers in the Middle East.  But, the comedy veteran credits his rise in popularity to his last five years working tirelessly with Carnival Cruise Lines’ Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez.   ABOUT THE SHOW: “Cowboy Bill Martin: Let the Laughter Roll was produced/directed by John Reynolds who made made a name for himself filming the LIVE AT BILLY BOBS© series and other country music videos. Martin said, “John knows comedy and he captured what it is I do on stage. Then Inception Media Group got it to CMT, a place we wanted to be all along.” Martin has a two-year agreement with the network. Martin noted, “We shot the special at an old haunted, vaudeville theater called the Rose Marine in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Ironically, it's just minutes away from where my mom worked as a waitress counting pennies, nickels and dimes and where my father climbed in and out of an 18-wheeler truck while I was growing up. The energy and synergy that night was just perfect.” In his spare time, Martin is the Founder and CEO of the non-profit organization “Cowboys Who Care Foundation” which provides Free Resistol cowboy and cowgirl hats to kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, delivering more than 4,100 hats to kids across the country since 2012. So whether you are from the big city or a small town, you should feel right at home watching Cowboy Bill Martin.   At the end of you will realize, Martin is just a big, loud Texan with a great big heart.  And you can’t help but like the guy.” WWW.COWBOYBILL.COM


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