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December 24, 201552 min
FORMER NFL GREAT AND ACTOR FRED DRYER TALKS CONTROVERSIAL FILM STARING WILL SMITH, CONCUSSION AND HIS APPEARANCE ON AGENT X WITH SHARON STONE Just in time for the Christmas day release of the controversial film, Concussion, former NFL player, Fred Dryer, is available to discuss the dangers inherent in playing professional football and the NFL's attempt to minimize and cover up the damage to players and their families. Who:  Fred Dryer was drafted in the first round of the 1969 NFL Draft by the New York Giants and was the starting right defensive end from 1969 through 1971.  In 1972, Dryer began playing for the Lost Angeles Rams.  In 1973, while playing for the Rams, Dryer became the only player in the NFL to score two safeties during one game, earning him the nickname, the Sultan of Safeties; a record that still stands today.  He played in Super Bowl XIV when the Rams met the Pittsburgh Steelers after the 1979 season.  Dryer was a two time All-Pro defensive end spanning 13 years in the NFL.  After his retirement from the League, Dryer became a well-known actor starring in the the 1980's crime drama Hunter.  Recently, he appeared on the NBC drama Crisis and will soon be seen in the TNT show Agent X with Sharon Stone.  Dryer rounds out his busy life as the host of The Fred Dryer Show on CRN Digital Talk. What:  Concussion, starring Will Smith, tells the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a brilliant forensic neuropathologist who first discovered the football-related brain trauma known as CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  The Sony Pictures Entertainment film focuses on the death and dementia that professional football players have suffered due to repeated blows to the head.  Controversy has surrounded the film with charges that the studio softened some of its accusations against the NFL for fear of legal repercussions from the multi-million dollar sports enterprise. Fred Dryer, who suffered brain injuries himself while playing professional football and is still undergoing treatment for his injuries is available to discuss the following: • Head trauma suffered by professional football players • Consequences of the trauma on players and their families • Rush Limbaugh's skepticism about the existence of football related head injuries • The NFL's attempt to cover-up these injuries • The lack of training on the fundamentals of tackling that leave players open to injury. • The culpability of the league of for the damage done to players • Treatment options STEVE EVANS – THE MOVIE GUY GREAT MOVIES OPENING THIS WEEKEND AND BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS AND HOPES. FIND OUT WHAT MOVIES ARE WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. GET SET FOR THE WEEKEND.


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