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May 27, 201652 min
WAYNE NORBITZ & GEORGE SHEA CHAT ABOUT THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF NATHAN’S FAMOUS FIND OUT WHY FOR ONE HISTORIC DAY, 5-CENT HOT DOGS ARE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF A ‘FAMOUS’ TRADITION In 1916, hot dogs sold for 5-cents.  That’s also the year that a legendary hot dog stand was opened in Coney Island, NY, by a visionary named Nathan Handwerker.  No one could have guessed at the time that Nathan’s Famous would become a world famous brand, loved by millions, and the sponsor of the world’s most famous eating competition. Now, fast-forward to Friday, May 27th, 100 YEARS LATER!   Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend, Nathan’s Famous is holding its 100th Anniversary celebration live from Coney Island, NY.   Your viewers and listeners can join in the celebration, and learn about an amazing tradition and the plan to provide 5-cent hotdogs nationwide hot dog lovers everywhere. You will be speaking with Wayne Norbitz, President of Nathan’s Famous for 26 years, and George Shea, renowned as “The Godfather of Major League Eating” and the emcee of the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Eating contest each July 4th in Coney Island.   We hope you’ll agree that a visit to Coney Island is a great way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.  For more information, visit: www.Nathans5Cent.com WWW.NATHANS5CENT.COM WWW.NATHANSFAMOUS.COM PENNY GADD-COSTER – EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF WINEMAKING, RACK AND RIDDLE When wine industry veterans Rebecca Faust and Bruce Lundquist first set out to establish Rack & Riddle Winery, they envisioned a leading-edge facility using premium vineyards to produce wine in the heart of the North Coast wine country. But not long into planning, their goals stretched to include a still and sparkling custom crush facility for custom crush clientele, as well as for the Rack & Riddle wine brand. Bringing together seven winemakers on staff, including the sought-after skills of winemaker Penny Gadd-Coster, Rack & Riddle specializes in processes that take an incredible amount of labor, time and equipment, but that result in superior wine. Faust and Lundquist harness a combined expertise of 40 years to create a niche in the marketplace. It’s no small feat to make sparkling wine in the traditional méthode champenoise. As such, most wineries don’t attempt it. Rack & Riddle unlocks the ability to create outstanding, award-winning sparkling wines for a host of brands. From small boutique wineries to large multi-national wine producers and everyone in between, Rack & Riddle provides unparalleled custom crush and winemaking services to all of our partners. We ensure our custom crush clients receive exactly what is needed, from an all-inclusive “grape to glass” experience, or by simply assisting with existing winemaking and production needs. Making sparkling wine can be achieved in a variety of different ways. However, if you are as dedicated as we are about creating superior sparkling wines from only the best grape sources—as Faust and Lundquist learned from their history at Piper Sonoma and J Vineyards, respectively—the only way to make sparkling wine is by méthode champenoise. Across the winemaking industry only a handful of wineries are engaged in custom méthode champenoise. Rack & Riddle stands nearly alone in that respect, especially in California, by offering the age-old, traditional French method. The roots of this method are fascinating—engineered in the early 1600’s by Dominican monks in the Champagne region of France, monk Dom Perignon is said to have mused about the champagne bubbles, “I am drinking the stars”. Creating those effervescent “stars” is a labor of love involving two fermentations and a process of “riddling” to remove the lees from the bottle. In fact, Rack & Riddle’s very name is inspired by the process. “Racking” alludes to the process of removing sediment from still wine and “riddling” is the counterpart process for sparkling wine. The Ra


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