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August 2, 201652 min
ANDREA WOROCH - MANAGING THE RISING COSTS OF TEENS  TIPS FOR PROJECTING AND PLANNING BIG TICKET ITEMS FOR YOUR TEENAGER    MANAGING THE RISING COSTS OF TEENS   Tips for Projecting and Planning Big Ticket Items for your Teenager    Raising kids is an expensive job, with some major expenses that can’t always be avoided. The average cost of raising a child born in 2013 up until age 18 for a middle-income family in the U.S. is approximately $245,340 (or $304,480, adjusted for projected inflation), according to the latest annual “Cost of Raising A Child” report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. So how can families project costs and afford those unavoidable big ticket items during teenage years? In an effort to help navigate the muddy financial waters of parenthood, nationally recognized Consumer and Money-Saving Expert, Andrea Woroch will offer simple and practical tips to allow families to better manage a family budget with ease.  Some financial strains include: Orthodontic Treatment —About 4.3 million people under 18 years old in the U.S. wear braces Parents should understand their options – what’s worth the investment and how to avoid wasting time and money. Extracurricular Activities —  From art programs to music lessons to club sports, parents dish out plenty of coin on extracurricular activities for their kids, which includes participation fees, supplies and equipment, specialty gear and travel for tournaments. Transportation — Every teen dreams of driving, but the costs of lessons, insurance and a car itself are huge expenses for most families. If you have a male teenager, adding them to your policy could run as high as $6,186Name-Brand Clothing — Teens heading back to school aren’t worried as much about what they’re going to learn as they are about what they’re going to wear. And parents feel pressure to fork over the funds when it comes to fashion. In fact, 34% admit that half of their purchases are influenced by their kids. Back to School Supplies or Mobile Tech — Over the last decade, families have increased spending on school supplies like backpacks, laptops, and other essentials by over 40%. ABOUT ANDREA WOROCK: Andrea Woroch is a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert who regularly contributes to leading national and regional news stories. She has appeared on NBC's Today Show, Dr. OZ, Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News with Diane Sawyer, and been quoted in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Kiplinger Personal Finance, Better Homes & Garden and many others. Andrea also enjoys writing articles for various personal finance and lifestyle websites and blogs. Andrea is passionate about sharing ideas and tips to help you live on less without having to sacrifice. She says making a few small tweaks to daily and monthly spending is all you need to do to achieve your dreams within your means. Follow Andrea on Facebook and Twitter for daily savings tips. JOHN PAOLONE - PARTNER/ CO-EXECUTIVE CHEF, CAFE FIRENZE   Café Firenze was born out of the idea that great Italian food and hospitality can flourish with talent, dedication and hard work. Energetic and talented Italian, Fabio Viviani has a passion for cooking, and is thrilled that he has been able to return to Moorpark where his American business aspirations truly began. Committed to his belief that attention to detail and customer needs, Fabio has created a restaurant that reflects his culinary style. That restaurant is Café Firenze… Café Firenze's perfect location serves local Moorpark, Camarillo, Simi Valley, Ventura and other nearby communities. The newly reopened Café Firenze will dazzle under the hands of Viviani, who is truly masters at the art of hospitality. ABOUT JOHN PAOLONE:  Café Firenze's Co-Executive Chef  Born Simi Valley, California Chef John's passion for Italian cooking began at a very young age. As the son of Italian des


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