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LadiesKnightAtTheRoundTable With Guest

January 31, 201549 min
Join our Host tonight Shareta Berry as she sets around the Round table tonight and host her 2nd Annual Ladies Knight At The Round Table she has two special guest that will be joining her tonight that will be in the house Mrs. Latrice Willams and Mrs. Latrece Wright.. Are you dealing with some deep personal issues that you have not got let loose on tonight, still dealing with your own personal demons, then you have come to the right place tonight, We are going to share our stories and feel free to ask questions. If you are looking for support and you are a woman between the ages 19-up or are you looking support for your teen daughter/daughters ages 11-18 contact us via email info.wenss@activist.com
Remember we are real on this show and some of the things we talk about we ask that you do not hold us accountable for the content, so we ask that you listen at your own risk.

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