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Better Life, Better Parent | FULL SHOW | #108

October 28, 201541 min
Learn how to deal with the day-to-day stress of balancing work and life. Then, we discover how to nurture our children's specific personalities and strengths.
Segment 1: The Balance Project
No one is perfect, and no one can do it all. Susie Orman Schnall (@Susieschnall) tells us about the Balance Project, which is a series of interviews that encourages women to be brutally honest with themselves and express what is bothering them.
Segment 2: The Project Begins
What started Susie Schnall's (@Susieschnall) need to interview women about what stresses them in life and how they deal with things in the day-to-day? Susie gives us the origin story of The Balance Project.
Segment 3: Staying Healthy
Work/life balance stress can lead to many health issues, including insomnia and poor exercise habits. Susie Schnall (@Susieschnall) offers up easy tips to help keep ourselves healthier.
Segment 4: Parenting By Personality
How do we as parents deal with our children as they develop their own unique temperaments? We discuss how to relate to our kids and parent by their personalities with Working Mother Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett (@Barbaraturvett).
Segment 5: Cultivate the Strengths
It's not your child's job to get to know you, it's your job to get to know your child. Barbara Turvett (@Barbaraturvett) teaches us to pay attention to our children's strengths and much more advice for cultivating the growing personality of our kids.
Segment 6: Good Effort
Many people who are successful in life didn't necessarily achieve the highest marks in school. Barbara Turvett (@Barbaraturvett) explains why being too hard on our kids can backfire, and how simply making sure they do their best and put forth good effort will serve them better later in life.

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