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Birth Order and Candy Shops | FULL SHOW | #112

December 14, 201541 min
Don't let your birth order dictate your personality, studies show there is no correlation! Also, find out how one mom became the owner of her very own candy shop after taking a leap of faith.
Segment 1: Birth Order Psychology
Are our notions of birth order psychology well founded in science, or are they just as fraudulent as the next stereotype? Working Mother Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett, sounds off.
Segment 2: Forced Stereotypes
Barbara Turvett tells us about a study that shatters the preconceptions of birth order psychology and asks: Are we taking stereotypes and making them a reality?
Segment 3: Nurturing Greatness
Don't limit your kids by placing birth order stereotypes on them. Working Mother's Barbara Turvett urges us to nurture and allow our children to grow into their best selves, and has tips on how to do that.
Segment 4: Cake, Candy, and Cookies!
With a promise to bring her mother everything good in life (candy, cookies, and cake), Quin Candy Owner, Jami Curl, started her first bakery and candy shop. Find out why and how Jami made the transition away from baking to focus on candy.
Segment 5: Banish Your Fear
Believe in yourself, have a plan , and don't overwhelm yourself. Jami Curl explains how she was able to abandon a good job and jump right into being an entrepreneur without fear or anxiety.
Segment 6: Competing Against You!
Be your own competition! Jami Curl explains how weighing your accomplishments and efforts in your job against what you expect to be the best you can do is much healthier than comparing to other companies.

Chat About Birth Order and Candy Shops | FULL SHOW | #112

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