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Breast Cancer and Career Advice | FULL SHOW | #113

December 22, 201540 min
This holiday season is the perfect time to squeeze in some time with your doctor and be aware of your risk of breast cancer. Also, get some great tips on advancing your career, whether that be by switching to a new job, or making strides in your current position.
Segment 1: Breast Cancer Screening
Breast cancer is a real threat that women must look out for, but when should we start keeping our eyes peeled for the warning signs? Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor, urges us not to be confused by reports released by the American Cancer Society, and gives us guidelines on when to start getting annual mammograms.
Segment 2: Home Check-Ups
If you don't have time for a visit to the doctors office, never fear!'s Dr. Nimmi Kapoor has tips for your own home examinations that can alert you to possible problems.
Segment 3: Time Saving Apps
Don't waste any time this holiday season! Find out why The Muse Editor-In-Chief, Adrian Granzella Larssen recommends apps like 1Password and TripMode to expedite our business tasks so we can spend more time with the family.
Segment 4: New Year's Job Hunt
The new year is a great time to make a changes in our lives, and we have advice for those thinking about changing their career paths. The Muse's Adrian Granzella Larssen tells us to start networking now and make sure our resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date.
Segment 5: Work Place Gift Giving
Buying holiday gifts for coworkers can be tricky business! Luckily, Adrian Granzella Larssen gives us some guidelines for workplace gift giving, appropriate office-party antics, and when you should call in sick this holiday season.
Segment 6: The Muse
The Muse is the perfect resource for any working mother looking to advance their selves, check it out at Also, if you're bored with your job, Adrian Granzella Larssen says it's not necessarily a bad thing as it could give you time to work on your career by maintaining your networks and other resources.

Chat About Breast Cancer and Career Advice | FULL SHOW | #113

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