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Date Night and Transition | FULL SHOW | #111

December 3, 201550 min
Take a night off, call a baby sitter, and go out on a date with your partner! Find out how to overcome the obstacles keeping you and your loved one from spending more time together. Also, we learn what being in transition really means, and why we should embrace it.
Segment 1: Finding Time
With a full-time job and kids at the house, it can be hard to find time for date night with the husband. Senior Managing Editor, Katie Bugbee, urges us to trust in the second wind and take the time to connect with your partner with some one-on-one time.
Segment 2: Date Night
There can be many obstacles to taking a night on the town with our partners. We discuss these issues with Katie Bugbee, and she gives us some great tips for how to overcome them.
Segment 3: Kidz Bop
We all know that popular music might not have the most savory lyrics, and we don't want our kids singing them. That's why Ashlyn and Kidz Bop have created kid-safe versions of our favorite pop-songs. Ashlyn fills us in on the upcoming Kidz Bop tour.
Segment 4: Transition
Next year might be the perfect time to make just a change, but a transition in your life. Women & Transition Author, Linda Rossetti, explains that women come to many crossroads during their life time, in which they reevaluate what holds value or meaning to them.
Segment 5: Recognize Your Path
Did you recently lose a job, have a kid, or have another major change in your life? This could be a trigger, or a sign that it could be time to change your life path. Linda Rossetti explains what can influence transition, and assures us that making this major change in your life is not a failure.
Segment 6: Change for the Better
Envision a future and validate it! Linda Rossetti encourages us to embrace the three phases of transition: the trigger, the decision and designing process, and active transitioning.

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