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LinkedIn and Costa Rica | FULL SHOW | #119

February 19, 201649 min
LinkedIn isn't just for finding another job. Find out how you can leverage this business-centered social media site to your advantage. Also, find out why your next family vacation should be in Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney!
Segment 1: Charles V. Bush
It's Black History Month, which means it's the perfect time to celebrate heroes like Bettina Bush's father, Charles V. Bush. Bettina fills us in on the opening of the Charles V. Bush Library opening in Westlake Village, California.
Segment 2: Use LinkedIn!
What is LinkedIn and why is it so prevalent in professional business social media? Founder, Jenny Foss, explains how LinkedIn has done a fantastic job building their platform and attracting over 400 million professional, like-minded users. So should you hire a professional to mold your image on LinkedIn? Jenny Foss says yes.
Segment 3: Stay Up To Date
Keep your LinkedIn up to date! Jenny Foss says a sudden spurt in LinkedIn activity can tip off current employers to your undercover job search. Plus, find out how became a reality in response to the struggling economy in 2010.
Segment 4: Window of Opportunities
LinkedIn isn't just for people who are looking for jobs. Jenny Foss explains how LinkedIn can help entrepreneurs and business owners find partners and other opportunities. Also, find out how what to avoid and what to look for when hiring a professional to work on your profile.
Segment 5: The Intertwined Web
How can help you spruce up your online presence? Find out as we chat with Jenny Foss about LinkedIn best practices and the intertwined nature of other social media, like Facebook and Twitter.
Segment 6: Adventures By Disney
If you're looking for your family's next big adventure, check out Adventures by Disney! Bettina gives us a report on her family's trip to Costa Rica and all of the amazing things her children learned while touring everywhere from a pineapple orchard to their national rain forest! Don't miss out, go to!

Chat About LinkedIn and Costa Rica | FULL SHOW | #119

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