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Modern Girl & Modern Business | FULL SHOW | #105

September 28, 201539 min
Streamline your e-mail, connect to your kids on social networks, take the perfect selfie, and shed pounds before the holidays: Jane Buckingham (@JaneBuckingham) gives us a preview of her newly revised "Modern Girl's Guide to Life". Then, the 2015 Working Mother 100 Best Companies
has been unveiled. Krista Carothers (@kristacarothers) reports.
Segment 1: Modern Girl's Guide
Do you know how to change a flat tire? How about take the perfect selfie? Author Jane Buckingham (@JaneBuckingham) has revised the "Modern Girl's Guide to Life", a practical guide to navigating today's busy world. Jane shares some of the humorously outdated tips from the first Modern Girl Guide penned 10 years prior.
Segment 2: Banish Digital Clutter
Jane Buckingham is helping millennials nail job interviews on ABC Family's "Job or No Job". Find out when and where to watch. Changing gears, Jane offers these rules to reduce your digital clutter.
Segment 3: Go Organic?
When should you spend a premium to buy organic? Modern Girl's Guides author, Jane Buckingham (@JaneBuckingham), is ready to save you some cash at the supermarket without sacrificing quality.
Segment 4: Staying Trim
Stay ahead of holiday weight gain. Jane Buckingham (@JaneBuckingham) offers her personal party strategy to avoid the hors d'oeuvre table and stay slim all year long. Plus, Jane gives advice to her 20-year-old self.
Segment 5: 100 Best Companies 2015
The Working Mother Best Companies turns 30 this year with a new batch of 100 businesses raising the bar to support parents. Krista Carothers (@kristacarothers) highlights two companies who have made the list for three decades: IMB and Johnson & Johnson.
Segment 6: Tracking Change
How has the corporate landscape transformed since to inception of the Working Mother Best Companies list? We flash back three decades with Krista Carothers (@kristacarothers) to identify the significant gains for women in the workforce.

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