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Social Moms and No Nonsense Parenting | FULL SHOW | #117

January 27, 201645 min
We honor the top Working Mother's top 20 social media #workmoms from 2016. Also, don't take any nonsense from your children. Find out why putting your foot down might not make for a tightly run ship, but it will pay dividends in your child's development.
Segment 1: Social Media Moms
Social media has become a prominent part of our day to day lives, and learning how master and use it to our advantage isn't an easy task. Working Mother Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett, gives us the scoop on the 2016 Working Mother Social Media Mom Awards for 20 #workmoms who are tearing up social media to make a difference.
Segment 2: #Workmoms
We kick off our 2016 Working Mother Social Media Awards list with Kimberly Bryant, an amazing advocate for young African American girls and women in STEM, and Christy Turlington Burns, who is making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Barbara Turvett fills us in.
Segment 3: Making A Difference
With over 78 million followers on Weibo, and a will to help those affected by drought and famine, Yao Chen is a true social media mom. We continue delving into Working Mother's list of 2016 mothers who are using social media for the good of mankind, with Barbara Turvett. Tune in for more!
Segment 4: No Nonsense Parenting
Sometimes parenting research studies go against the way your gut might tell you to parent, and we're here to tell you to go with your instincts! "Child, Please" Author, Ylonda Gault, introduces us to her brand of 'no nonsense parenting."
Segment 5: Child, Please
So you're out and about, and your toddler starts screaming and throwing a fit, what do you do? How do we publicly discipline our kids in this day and age? Ylonda Gault guides us through this messy predicament.
Segment 6: Wardrobe Malfunction
Don't have a wardrobe fight with your kids! Ylonda Gault sounds off: Let them wear what they want to wear, unless it's wildly inappropriate. Also, keep up with Ylonda on twitter,@TheRealYlonda.

Chat About Social Moms and No Nonsense Parenting | FULL SHOW | #117

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