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Video Games and Adoption | FULL SHOW | #115

January 5, 201641 min
There has been a lot of debate over whether or not children should be allowed to play video games, we talk with Psychologist Dr. Rachel Kowert to set the record straight. Then, how will China's change in policy affect adoption in the United States?
Segment 1: New Year, New Games
The holiday season has passed, and we are into a New Year! With the holidays may have come some video games for our kids, and "The Video Game Debate" Author, Dr. Rachel Kowert, fills us in on the good, the bad, and the ugly of video gaming's influence on our kids.
Segment 2: Does Gaming Cause Obesity?
Childhood obesity is a growing concern in the United States, and many people have tried to link it to video gaming. Psychologist, Dr. Rachel Kowert, assures us that as long as there is balance in our child's daily activities, video gaming is perfectly healthy.
Segment 3: Quality Gaming Time
Playing or watching games with your children can open up lines of communication and get the conversation started. Dr. Rachel Kowert discusses some of the positive effects of gaming as a family unit, and touches on the violent video game debate. Do violent games cause higher levels of aggression in kids and teenagers?
Segment 4: Video Games and ADHD
Are online friendships healthy for our kids? How many hours a week is too much gaming? Do video games help focus or worsen a child with ADHD? Dr. Rachel Kowert has the answers to all of our burning questions.
Segment 5: Adoption from China
After decades of living under the unfair 'One Child Policy' in China, the law has finally been changed. National Center of Adoption and Permanency President, Adam Partment, explores how this might affect adoption rates in the United States from the nation of the Middle Kingdom, and what the generation of abandoned children in China has done for our culture.
Segment 6: NCAP
The National Center of Adoption and Permanency's mission is to move policy away from simply finding children homes, to making sure the parents of those homes get the support they need to be a successful family. NCAP President, Adam Partment, encourages us to read his book, "Adoption Nation", and visit the website at to learn more.

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