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Work Passion and Flu Season | FULL SHOW | #106

October 8, 201539 min
Learn how to prepare your kids to love their job and find a career they can be passionate about. Also, school has started again, and with the swapping of knowledge comes a swapping of germs. Find out how to keep your kids healthy this flu season.
Segment 1: 2015 100 Best Companies
The "2015 Working Mother 100 Best Companies" list is out! Working Mother Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett (@barbaraturvett), gives us some insights on the list and the redesigned WM website.
Segment 2: Passion For Work
As kids grow up, they watch and learn a lot from their parents, including passion or love for their jobs. WM Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett (@barbaraturvett), lets us in on some strategies to pass along how we feel about work to our children to prepare them for a fulfilling and successful life.
Segment 3: Lead By Example
Being positive and editing what we say about or work experiences with our kids is very important, but we won't fool them with a rose-colored glasses act. Barbara Turvett (@barbaraturvett) advises us on how to deal with a bad day at the office in the presence of our children, and stresses the importance of sharing the conquests of our jobs.
Segment 4: Foster Diverse Minds
It's important to encourage your children's particular interests, but we must be sure to broaden their interests and expose them to more possibilities in their career paths. Barbara Turvett @barbaraturvett) explains how best to open our young one's minds to multiple job possibilities.
Segment 5: School Year = Cold Season
With the return of the school year comes the return of the cold and flu season. Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann (@DrMommyCalls) gives us tips on keeping our kids healthy. Also, is the flu vaccine still effective? Dr. Altmann sounds off.
Segment 6: Mommy Calls
If you want to find out more about Dr. Tanya Altmann's (@DrMommyCalls) and her work, listen in to follow her on Twitter and Facebook for some great tips. Also, look for Dr. Altmann's books, "Mommy Calls" and "What to Feed Your Baby", for sage parenting advice.

Chat About Work Passion and Flu Season | FULL SHOW | #106

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