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EP 815 News of the Week

November 22, 201621 min
Every week, Dr. Roizen discusses the latest health headlines YOU need to know.In this episode, Dr. Roizen talks about the latest health headlines that YOU need to know, including the following topics: 

Liberating college women from the elliptical with a new program.
Importance of controlling your stress responses to prevent heart disease risk.
Benefits of substituting butter with an omega-3 healthy fat.
Damage to body and brain from sugar. 
Burn fat, lose weight, control cravings by restricting eating to a six-hour "window."
Air pollution's impact on children's health.
Music improves your workout success by approximately 30 percent.
Medicare and Medicaid will start paying for diabetes prevention in 2018.
Opiod poisonings are rising in toddlers and teenagers. 
Fitness trackers do actually help you live longer.
Sleep deprivation causes you to eat more and gain weight.

Bonus!New Cancer Risks Piling On

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