The Right Caves, the Establishment, A Day Without Immigrants

    Conservatives cave to pressure on Obamacare; journalists complain when trump doesn't answer questions; Benjamin Netanyahu; intelligence community unde... Read more

    February 16, 2017 | 109 min

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    Michael Brown Show 2-24-17

    Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security and FEMA Director Michael Brown uses his sarcastic humor to point out the dumbassery of politics and cultu... Read more

    February 25, 2017 | 110 min

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    Banned Doll, Milo Yiannopolous, Supreme Court

    A doll has been banned in Germany concerning privacy rights; Milo controversy; businesses pull advertising from Breitbart; difficulties calling Trump ... Read more

    February 23, 2017 | 109 min

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    Welfare Dependency, Media Controlling Mind, Stolen Valor

    Protesters in North Dakota burn camp before they leave; Corey Gardner; welfare programs; the media wants to control you; Maxine Waters calls Trump sup... Read more

    February 22, 2017 | 109 min

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