Microphone Techniques

Derelicts Of Dialect, 5 minutes

Microphone Techniques
  • Microphone Techniques


Nice & Smooth

{*breathing like Darth Vader*}

The next selection is.. bass filled..

Musical compisition, entitled..

Microphone Techniques..

Please check it out..

[Greg Nice]

Get up everybody, it's time to sway OK

Greg Nice is on the mic with no delay

Get up everybody, it's time to sway OK

Greg Nice is on the mic with no delay

She, said, her name was Lola

I, said, yo Lola, swolla

Suave bola, Ayatollah

Saudi Arabia, Coca-Cola

My Rolex watch is ran by solar

Get down, peep my mic technique

Let's freak let's freak let's freak to the beat

Checks get cashed, at the end of the weak

c'mon, Deck the Halls with skins and party

Gainin weight cause I do eat hearty

When I want to get tipsy I drink Bacardi

Greg Nice, I'm outta here, ghost!

"I'm on the microphone.." (5X)

[Pete Nice]

Uncle Fester, the baldhead jester

Not me, the Minister, the mic molestor

Five-oh arrest a G, doin ill deeds

Took a hoe to pull out the weeds

Droppin G, the case court is to hobos

Kickin the bobo, chewin on a Rolo

Ain't a Volvo with no paid promos

Sippin cocoa and rollin up momos

Fee fie foe fum I need awake drums

The buns ain't mack cause your breath hums

No Funky Drummer loser pass summons

But you can't stop the +Humrush+ hummings

Like Roto Rooter layin pipes like a plumber

Nice and Smooth cause Three's a prime number

I go brick church buildin when I'm sleepin

So flip off my tip, I rip the mic techniquein

"I'm on the microphone.." (6X)

[Smooth B]

I praise the Lord that I'm no longer a vandal

Kiss my daughter goodnight, then I light a white candle

and sit back and meditate

Evaluate, appreciate

Cause I didn't have to be here, on wax

Unveling a truth with proof of all facts

Cause in my life I see the life of many others

Various shades of colors, sisters brothers

And once my soul leaves my bodily shell

I believe to receive a new vail

of some conscious subconcious abode

chose by few on the positive road

A man is judged by the goodness of his heart

So who's to say who's dumb and who's smart?

Aiyyo Serch (Whattup?) I came to hear you speak

Get on the mic and flaunt your microphone technique

"I'm on the microphone.." (7X)

[MC Serch]

Watch me shine til it's time for sundown

I had a scuffle with a kid it only went one round

I got a girl so there's no need to sex a hoe

But I gas em up just like they're at Texaco

Ring goes my phone, so I pick it up and say, "Whattup?"

Somebody's flippin, so I tell him to shut up

We'd use a F word, but Ice Cube got the copyright

so I'll make it +Funky For You+ with Greg Nice

and his partner Smooth be

Watch the Superbowl, just for Bud Bowl III

Then I watch Living Colour, cause "Homey don't play dat"

Money like my honey in my crib and it'll stay that way

The equality variety

You don't like it then you're gonna join the Dead Poet's Society

Try to flip on what this quartet speaks

and Serch will disperse, the microphone techniques

* discussion by the crew over the beat until the end *

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