I Already Do

The Definitive Collection, 4 minutes

I Already Do
  • I Already Do


Chely Wright

Caution's in the wind
The hardest part is through
You don't have to try so hard
To make me fall for you

I've surprised myself
With what I've gone and done
Just today I heard my self
Swear you were the one

Laugh I just have to laugh
I really thought you knew
I can't believe
That you're asking me
When I will love you
I already do
I already do

You've been doing fine
Please don't change a thing
It's too good to hide away
So I might as well come clean

I didn't shout it out
But everybody knew
Funny you're the only one who didn't have a clue


I gave you my heart
Can't you fell the power
You want to see the light
Baby the sun's been up for hours


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