Hello Goodbye (Album Version)

The Day Has Come, 3 minutes

Hello Goodbye (Album Version)
  • Hello Goodbye (Album Version)


Cheyenne Kimball

Am I speaking Japanese?
I tell you 20 times a week
But you still don't get it
It doesn't mean that I'm not sad
But I know what we had went bad
And you still, you don't get it

Hello Hello Hello I'm saying
Goodbye goodbye goodbye
But you're stayin'
I know I know I know
You been hoping
But I promise my doors not open
Hello hello hello I'm saying
Goodbye goodbye goodbye
But you're staying
I know I know I know
You've been waiting
Hello goodbye nothing's changing.

You're showing up outside my house
And coming over unannounced
Man you are so crazy
And then you try to pick my brain
The information is the same
You and I don't belong
What was right now is wrong
And if you feel I led you on
You misread it


And I'm sorry we don't feel the same
I don't wanna hurt you
I just want you to go away.

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