Cliff Edwards

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    When You Wish Upon a Star

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    When You Wish Upon a StarCliff Edwards
    Up Triangle
    It’s Only a Paper MoonCliff Edwards
    Up Triangle
    Dumbo's Triumph / Making History / Finale (When I See An Elephant Fly)Cliff Edwards
    Up Triangle
    Save My Child / The Threshold Of SuccessCliff Edwards
    Up Triangle
    My Old Girl's My New Girl NowCliff Edwards
    Up Triangle


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        Singer Cliff Edwards first came to fame in the early '70s after he, along with his wife Anne Edwards, formed a group in 1965 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, called the Five Bells. It later became known simply as the Bells. Other members included Michael Waye, Dennis Wills, Doug Gravelle, Frank Mills, Jackie Ralph, Mickey Ottier, and Charlie Clark. With the Bells, Edwards found success in both Canada and the United States. After the group disbanded in 1973, he went on to a consequen... Read more

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