Here I Am

Country Love, 4 minutes

Here I Am
  • Here I Am


Blake Shelton

You were just some one
Some friend of mine said take her out
An' have yourselves a good time
To be honest I was far from over a broken heart
You were the furthest thing from my mind
And it didn't seem to matter to you
When I looked away when we were introduced

Cause you broke the ice with a killer smile
Ordered us a drink and we talked a while
And I slowly started comin' around
Now here I am

To tell the truth I did my best to tell myself
Hey don't forget the last time
And I stood there in disbelief
That how easily you got to me with your eyes
You reached across the table and you took my hand
I knew I was in trouble right there and then


Down on one knee
Am I getting to you baby?
The way you got to me


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