Nothing Like L.A.

I Am The West, 3 minutes

Nothing Like L.A.
  • Nothing Like L.A.


Ice Cube

I can show you the paws my balls
The Taj Mahals to the strip in M.I.A.
I can show the waterfalls in Spain and Prague
To the beach in St. Tropes
I can show you the world girl the world girl
But ain't nothing else like L.A.
I can show you the world girl the world girl
But ain't nothing else like L.A.
Nothing like L.A.

When they come to L.A. they got the wrong impression
When they come to L.A. they gotta learn they lesson
When they come to west coast it's such an obsession
When they come to play it out I'm just an exception
When it comes to girl I need your affection
Every time you walk by you get my inspection
All you gotta do now is make your selection
And it won't be hard to win this election


I done been around the world I ain't impress
I can't wait till we hit L.A.X
Yea Tokyo is cool and yea I feel the UK
But can't nothing can fuck with California
Especially L.A. and I'm feeling the bay
But ain't nothing like rolling down P.C.H.
Top down west bound it's all good
You don't go Hollywood when you're from Hollywood
Let's go to the hood and fuck with the haters
Then head to the Staples Center and hang with the Lakers
Number six is cool but number twenty four is the champ
And even D Wade and Chris Bosh know that


The B.E.T. awards and even the Grammy's
They always pick L.A. over Miami
I love Miami I ain't dissing Miami
But where would you rather get robbed for your Grammy?
Ain't nothing like Sunset Boulevard
Compton and Watts if you wanna be hard
We got it all what you thought not at all
If you sick of this shit than take a Tylenol
It's just me and my woman verses all of y'all
And we taking a bow for our curtain call
The angels are lost they don't wanna be found
If God is looking for 'em I can show him around


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