Ring the Bell

Smile, 2 minutes

Ring the Bell
  • Ring the Bell


Nelson Riddle

Ring the bell, it's a glorious sound, people gather around
And start to cheer and the cheer start to swell
If you like to taking a bow then you got to know how
To ring the bell

Dreams that dwell in the back of your eyes
They'll materialize if you get up and get out of your shell
You can't depend upon bait for your height and your weight
To ring the bell

There's a grindstone for your nose
There's a treetop for your toes
Don't stay home and decompose
Just get out and get going where a go getter goes

Who can tell if you missed a few meals?
If you're down at the heels put on a well to do smile
And you'll do well
Don't hide your head in a truck just come up, all up
And ring the bell

And it's like I always say
Don't do anything halfway
There's a time for work and play
Don't put off tomorrow what you could do today

Ring the bell [Incomprehensible]
Why it's simply absurd how much a wide awake crook can compel
When it's the time to get up, that's the time to get up
When it's the time to get up, that's the time to get up
And ring, and ring, and ring the bell

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