Goons Lurkin

The Real Testament, 4 minutes

Goons Lurkin
  • Goons Lurkin



[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Car full of choppers and everybody quiet, car full of goons and everybody certified, and if you froze up last time you can't ride it's going down tonight cuz these goons out lurkin

Five in the morning ain't nobody out but us
And everybody sleep but we finna wake the city up
And finna teach you pussy niggas bout playin with us
We find yo duck as tonight lil homie you out of luck
And he don't know we coming finna get his life took
We ridin bin ladin shit a hundred round plus
Before he went to sleep he ain't know he wouldn't be waking up
Its already understood if these cocksuckers get behind us flood it and we ain't coming home till all the clips empty
And we ain't shooting up no house it draw too much attention
We catch yo a** coming out lil homie you gets it
And I bet one muthafuckin thing niggas we ain't missing


You might miss the newspaper but you gon make the news
Victim found face down tonight without his shoes
Dem choppas went off in drive you run but couldn't move
Sawed him in half that chopper broke him down in two
Everything them hallow points hit it knock em loose
We want your homeboiz nah pussy we ain't through
Dem cocksuckers find a hundred holes but they ain't got a clue
Now everybody claiming they know who fucked over you
A big mouth don't get you shit but a big funeral
And a bunch of muthafuckas crying who claiming they knew ya
You can't bring him back stop crying the pussy dead
He shoud've kept his mouth close he ain't know how to play it


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