Gematria (The Killing Name)


All Hope Is Gone, 6 minutes

Gematria (The Killing Name)
  • Gematria (The Killing Name)



That was all I got and now you got me

All I ever really wanted was to take the blame
I will go down in history and not down in flames
I will survive this,
Dry sockets and a schizophrenic crisis
The time of the nine has begun
Get out of the way or you will suffer as one

This is so typical,
Hanging on abysmal release,
I don't need this,
Don't wanna be this,
Icon in the making,
My hands are fucking shaking

What if god doesn't care?
What if god doesn't care?

The time is now
We're in you,
And we will burn your cities down

America is a killing name
It doesn't feel or discriminate
Life is just a killing field
It's all that's left, nothing's real
Throw away your disposable past
And fall apart like a cigarette ash
We are the fatal and vital ones of the world
And we will burn your cities down

What if god doesn't care?
What if god doesn't care?



We will burn your cities down

Feed the hungry, feed them shit
Feed them bones and politics
You wanna revolutionize?
Be specific and believe your eyes
Start a war in another backyard
And we'll destroy your house of cards
Give me a minute and I'll change your mind
Give me a bullet and I'll change your life



We will burn your cities down

America, what if "god" doesn't care?

Written by Wilson, Sidney George / Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Root, James Donald / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Michael Shawn / Thomson, Mickael Gordon / Taylor, Corey Todd
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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