Sometimes I Do (Album Version)

Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell, 4 minutes

Sometimes I Do (Album Version)
  • Sometimes I Do (Album Version)


Social Distortion

Sometimes I like you and
Sometimes I don't, I feel like I'm
Gonna and then I won't.

Sometimes I want to live to see a
Hundred, other times I want to lay
Down and die, sometimes I'm weak
And sometimes I'm strong,
You know that I've loved all
Along. Sometimes I'm rich and
Sometimes I'm poor, nothing

Really matters when you're dead
On the floor, sometimes I'm hot
And sometimes I'm cold,
Sometimes I feel like I'm getting
Old, sometimes I'm fast and other
Times I'm slow, other times
I don't even want to go.

Sometimes I laugh and sometimes
I cry, other times I sit and
Wonder why. Sometimes I'm up
And sometimes I'm down, other
I want to blow this town.

Written by NESS
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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