Tacoland (Live)

Chaos Rules: Live At The Trocadero, 2 minutes

Tacoland (Live)
  • Tacoland (Live)


The Dead Milkmen

There's a place
In San Anton
Where I can go
And not feel alone

Tacoland, it's a panacea
Tacoland, they're always glad to see ya

You'll understand
When you go on
Down to Tacoland

When I feel
My world is lost
I go to Tacoland
And I get really tossed

I wish my band would always play
Tacoland, I want to stay

You'll understand
When you go on
Down to Tacoland

There's a girl with dirty hair
She's got her dress up in the air
She tells a lot of jokes
Hell, she's got a lot to share

Tacoland, we ate a lot of figs
They passed around a bottle
And we took a lot of swigs

It's nature's plan
To go on
Down to Tacoland

Tacoland just three quarters of a mile
Past the Rockwood exit
In beautiful downtown
San Antonio, Texas

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