Break You Off

Juslisen, 5 minutes

Break You Off
  • Break You Off


The Roots

[Chorus: x2]
Comin' to break you off(beat started, start-started)
Comin' to break you off(beat started, start-started)
Comin' to break you off(beat started, start-started)
Yeah baby

Bad misses, throwin' raspberry kisses on me
You looking for directions girl?
I feel your vision on me
Just don't let him see you sweatin'
And we ain't spose to be involved
Knowing when we get it off, Girl I mean it off
Keeping you fiending 'til you taking it tossed
And when I'm breaking it off
Its no denying the fact it's wrong
Cause you got a man who's probably playing his part
You probably breaking his heart
He trying to figure the reason, Uh
Is it because he's superficial
Or is he too submissive
Or did I come along and hit you with the futuristic
Or is it 'cause you really couldn't see a future with him
All he about is paper, never took the time with you to listen
You want it gripped up, flipped, and thrown
And get stripped and shown, the way the getting is on
The cost, dealing with this you only taking a loss
You need to leave him alone
And go with the one who breaking you off

[Chorus: x2]

Brother down the hall
The one you bound to call
Workaholics are really I'm rarely around at all
What we started got serious repercussions in court
We had a chance to turn back, but love that was all
Late nights twistin' something
Listenin to Neicey sing
She got the beef for you telling me you deeply
Appreciate the company, time we spend
I feel the same, it's a shame you ain't my girlfriend
Cause listen, you need a brotha with the physical fix
Who come through in the mix
For you with no head tricks or fraud

You need a new position and who can get you open
Like eucalyptus and have ready to go for yours
Come on and work with me, you won't get hurt with me
Just keep it real and you'll get broken off certainly

Dealing with this you won't be taking a loss
You need to leave him alone and roll
With the one who's breaking you off

[Chorus: x2]

Rolling down the highway
Listening to Sade sing
"The way the smooth operator move my way"
You sitting beside me
Looking like Friday Foster
Pam Grier structure look at your body
Keep each other thirsty
Kisses like Hershey
But lips is sealed
Cause we don't need the controversy
I say I'm in town, You say you want it in the worst way
You probably told your man it was your it was ya lil's birthday
Meanwhile, its champagne chilling in ice
You ready for the freakiest stage you done in ya life?
We breakin' down like we grove dogs pulling a hike
You making sounds like a vive got you reaching your height
Prepare for flight, this is your captain
I'm getting strapped in
There's no denying the strength
That its attraction girl
Workin' with this you won't be taking a loss
So stop fooling your man and roll with the one
Who's breaking you off

Baby, baby, baby, don't you want me 'round
Nothing 'cause I'm coming too, and do you know..
Whenever you want, that thing you need, I got it
I'm there and I aim to please
I'm coming over to give it to you
Baby, baby

[Chorus: x2]

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