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    Сон Обломова: Где мы? В какой благословенный уголок землиАлексей Грибов
    Up Triangle
    Сон Обломова: Как всё тихо, всё сонноАлексей Грибов
    Up Triangle
    Сон Обломова: Илья Ильич проснулся утром в своей маленькой постелькеАлексей Грибов
    Up Triangle
    Сон Обломова: Между тем, жара начала понемногу спадатьАлексей Грибов
    Up Triangle
    Сон Обломова: Далее Илья Ильич вдруг увидел себя мальчиком лет 13-14Алексей Грибов
    Up Triangle


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        After spending a few years playing in his brother Ed Baluyut's band, Versus, James Baluyut opted to go solo in 2001. The project was called Plus/Minus (+/-), and after a whirlwind year of writing and recording material, Baluyut released his first album, Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album, on Teenbeat Records in 2002. Baluyut was joined by Margaret McCartney and former Versus member Patrick Ramos on the album, but by and large it was Baluyut's baby -- he sang the songs, he play... Read more

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