Celebrate Our Love

Who Needs Guitars Anyway?, 3 minutes

Celebrate Our Love
  • Celebrate Our Love


Alice Deejay

I can see the sun's already shining it's gonna be a perfect day hand
In hand we're gonna party til the music fades away (yeah,yeah,yeah celebrate
Our love x3) now I know that we're together in perfect harmony peace and love
Is what we dreamed of and forever will be free (yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah celebrate
Our love
X 3) celebrate,celebrate,celebrate,delebrate,celebrate yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah
Celebrate our lovex3 yeah yeah celebrate yeah yeah celebrate so come home so
Come home and celebrate
X4 (chorus)

Written by Eelke Kalberg Kalmani/ Sebastian Molijn Pronti
Published by Royalty Network

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