It's Okay To Cry

Amanda Wilkinson, 4 minutes

It's Okay To Cry
  • It's Okay To Cry


Amanda Wilkinson

Somewhere along the way we tough to keep it all together,
We mask the pain we feel inside, to make everyone else feel better,
You wrap your arms around yourself and bury all your sorrow,
You can't hide from your emotions baby, they'll still be here tomorrow,
If your heart won't let it flow,
I want you to know,

It's OK to cry (Everybody's gotta hurt sometime)
Let those tear drops fly (Don't even try to dry your eye)
Don't keep it all inside (In the mornin' it'll be alright)
It's OK to cry

First you gotta fall apart to pick up all the pieces,
If you don't learn to let it go,
The pain inside increases,
It takes more strength to hold it in then to give in and surrender,
Why's the first thing that we learn,
The last thing we remember?
Baby, tears don't make you weak, If I could only make you see,


It ain't nothing at all
Sometimes you gotta break down and let 'em fall,
Baby that's true


It's OK to cry

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