Ambache Chamber Ensemble

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    Quartet in E Flat for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello K493: AllegroAmbache Chamber Ensemble
    Sonata in G for Piano and Violin K301: Allegro Con SpiritoAmbache Chamber Ensemble
    Trio in E for Piano, Violin and Cello K542: AllegroAmbache Chamber Ensemble
    Triosatz In D - K442 / Allegro (Mozart)Ambache Chamber Ensemble
    Trio In C - K548 / Allegro (Mozart)Ambache Chamber Ensemble


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        The Ambache or Ambache Chamber Ensemble is an English group that can consist of anywhere from three to 30 musicians. It was founded in 1984 by pianist Diana Ambache specifically to accompany her in Mozart piano concertos, and the music of Mozart continues to make up a large part of the repertory. The other primary focus of the Ambache Ensemble is the interpretation of music composed by women, an area of study in which Ambache is a renowned expert. The group frequently plays at S... Read more

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