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    Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai ( The Background Music Of The Movie " Returning") 等着你回来 (电影"等着你回来"配乐) 等著你回來 (電影"等著你回來"配樂)Bai Kwong
    Xiang Jian Bu Hen Wan ( The Background Music Of The Movie " Everlasting Regert") 相见不恨晚 (电影"长恨歌"配乐) 相見不恨晚 (電影"長恨歌"配樂)Bai Kwong
    Hun Ying Jiu Meng (The Background Music Of the Movie "Love's Lone Flower") 魂萦旧梦 (电影"孤恋花"配乐) 魂縈舊夢 (電影"孤戀花"配樂)Bai Kwong
    Jia Zheng jing 假正经 假正經Bai Kwong
    Qiu Ye 秋夜 秋夜Bai Kwong


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        Bai Kwong was one of the preeminent divas of Shanghai in the 1930s, when the city was a hot spot for jazz prior to the Japanese occupation of China. She is sometimes likened to a Chinese Billie Holiday. In 2003 her music experienced a revival of popularity when a few of her songs were remixed by Ian Widgery and featured on the compilation album The Original Shanghai Divas. The album proved so popular, an extended re-release, Shanghai Lounge Divas (2004), was compiled, featuring ... Read more

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