Your Socks Don't Match

Bing Crosby And Some Jazz Friends, 3 minutes

Your Socks Don't Match
  • Your Socks Don't Match


Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5

We heard a chick just the other day
Cooling out her boyfriend in very way
She kept on a-sking
Full of complaints
Like she expected folks to be saints
She insisted that he be me
So this was her complaint complete
(Report to the nation)

I like the dimple in your chin
I like the tricky way you grin
Still you ain't no kind of cat
(You know why don't you?)
Boy, your socks don't match!

Written by CARR, LEON L. N. / CORDAY, LEO
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, THE SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, BUG MUSIC

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