Blu Cantrell


Bittersweet,3 mins, 48 secs

  • Breathe


Sean Paul

Big up to all the Brooklyn massive crew
Some they pay no mind, but now them notice Blu
So take your ones, your fiftys, put your hundreds to your shoes
And to my fans you know I love you

To the top we be chargin'
I'm not leavin' till someone stops rockin'
All the soldiers come back and start marchin'
And I see myself sellin' in black market

You say you love, say you love me
But you're never there for me, yeah, mmm...hmm...
You'll be cryin', slowly dyin' When I decide to leave, oh, oh

All we do is make up
Then break up
Why don't we wake up
And see
When love hurts
It won't work
Maybe we need some time alone
We need to let it breathe

You're only lonely when your homey
Ain't got a ride or no loot, yeah, uh-huh
Then comes the drama
Some other girl is claimin' she's goin' out with you,hmm...hmm...


Summer, spring, winter and fall
I realize love don't love me anymore
I'm still walkin' out that door
Waitin' for a cure

I wish that you could love me more
And give me what I'm lookin' for
You used to be the one I adore
But now it seems I'm just not sure

Maybe we need some time alone
So we can just breathe

Breathe (Let it breathe)
Breathe (Breathe, ah...)
Breathe (Let it breathe)
Breathe (Breathe)
Breathe (Uh-huh)

Hey... hey... hey... hey...
Let it breathe, yeah
Oh... oh... breathe

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