Woman a Trail Mi

Next Millennium, 3 minutes

Woman a Trail Mi
  • Woman a Trail Mi


Bounty Killer

Aye yow

See di gal dem arrive

inna overdrive

want to be ma bride

Aye yow

di gal dem come a mi flee market, hey

wid pan, bucket and basket

aye yow

Look at likkle shorty walk it

look at it, aye


Woman a trail wi

waan wholesale mi

want wi inna bulk and who nuh waan retail mi

seh nah fail mi

neither blackmail mi

waan hol' mi juss to inhale,uh hah

Unnu good gal a trail mi

waan wholesale mi

who nuh want mi inna bulk a seh dem waan retail mi

and dem nah fail mi

neither blackmail mi

waan hol' mi juss to inhale mi, like dat

Woman tek car, truck, bus and bike gal walk it

fly dung like flee market

who nuh get, some truss, some beg and buy it

some run guh home guh talk it,

guh tell dem madda and dem granny and dem aunty and dem miss

and dem big fat sista name margaret

well woman tek off like rocket and a move faster dan a bullet

run come a mi a dem target, suh well

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