Sweet Nothin's

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Volume 7: 2002- 2003, 2m 04sec

Sweet Nothin's
  • Sweet Nothin's


Brenda Lee

Uh huh honey alright
My baby whispers in my ear um sweet nothin's
He knows the things I like to hear um sweet nothin's
Things he wouldn't tell nobody else secret baby I keep them to myself
Sweet nothin's um sweet nothin's
We walk along hand in hand um sweet nothin's
Yeah we both understand um sweet nothin's
Sittin' in a classroom tryin' to read my book my baby gives me that special look
Sweet nothin's um sweet nothin's

A sittin' on my front porch um sweet nothin's
Well do I love you of course um sweet nothin's
Mama turned on the front porch light
Sayin' come here darlin' that's enough for tonight
Sweet nothin's um sweet nothin's sweet nothin's

Written by SELF, RONNIE
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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